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These are the services we offer at AlteaSalut

Personalized Physiotherapy treatment in Altea. Carried out in sessions of half an hour to one hour where the patient will have an individual room. Physiotherapeutic treatment is based on manual therapies (mobilizations, stretching, massage, traction…) and if necessary, complementary techniques will be applied.

It is aimed at children from the first months of life to adolescence, who, at an educational, re-educational or therapeutic level, present alterations in motor, psychological or social development. Its main objective will be to promote and facilitate the cognitive and physical development of the child; with the purpose of preventing any alteration in development and achieving good social, family and school adaptation.

Currently, there is a high percentage of the population that presents some type of emotional alteration throughout their lives. At Altea Salut we follow a cognitive-behavioral orientation, based on modifying the negative emotional states that we suffer through thoughts, behaviors and attitudes. Therefore, the greater the level of calm of our mind, the greater our ability to enjoy a happy life.

Speech therapy is a health discipline that deals with the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and comprehensive intervention of communication disorders (voice, speech and language) and non-verbal oral functions such as swallowing.

Specialized nutrition services for each person

Personal training in small groups or individual sessions to improve your physical attitude, lose fat or improve your muscle tone.

Aesthetic treatments without surgery

Reiki (or universal energy) is a technique that unlocks, harmonizes and helps healing at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Programa KIT DIGITAL cofinanciado por los fondos NEXT GENERATION (EU) del mecanismo de recuperación y resilencia